Betty and bobbi
The 2 B's Quilt Shop opened in September 2000 as a handmade craft shop in the corner of a friend's store a few doors down from their present location. The 2 B's were avid crafters and had accumulated such a large stash of 'stuff' that they thought opening their own small business would be a great way to get rid of all those supplies that no longer fit in their homes. With years of experience in retail craft and sewing shops, Betty Mason and Bobbi Staton had the understanding needed for this new venture.

In addition to purchasing the B's handmade crafts, some customers soon began to purchase small amounts of fabric from the B's supply. Then when the local Walmarts stopped carrying fabric in their stores, everyone turned to the B's for more materials. A quick decision to get into the fabric supply business, followed by a trip to North Carolina supply houses, and a little rearranging of the shop started the beginnings of the current 2 B's Quilt Shop that exists today.

Betty had always been an avid quilter and one day in 2007 she asked Bobbi to accompany her to a quilter's retreat. In order to attend, however, Bobbi had to bring a quilt of her own that she had made. So with Betty's assistance, Bobbi made her first quilt and she was hooked! A couple more retreats and a few quilts later, and the store was transformed into the 2 B's Quilt Shop.

For Betty and Bobbi, running the shop isn't a job - it's a passion. The 2 B's usually have 4 or 5 quilts of their own and a few little projects going at one time. Many of the customers stop in regularly to quilt, chat, and even lend a hand in the shop when things get extra busy. These ladies have become like family, and every Wednesday the whole gang will go out to dinner at a local restaurant. Everyone at 2 B's Quilt Shop welcomes you to stop in to chat, shop, quilt, and learn! Betty and Bobbi are always available to lend a helping hand or give instruction. It's what they love to do.